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Our Herd

At Windy Haven Farm we strive for holistic care of our herd whenever possible. This includers a variety of features that make our farm unique:

  • We mix our own feed to ensure soy free, gluten free & chemical free purity

  • We offer a free-range mineral buffet that includes 21 different elements for livestock health

  • Our animals are free of toxic vaccines

  • We maintain annual blood work to include CAE testing 

  • We are working towards non-coercive milking practices 

  • Hand milked herd 

  • Regular milk analysis 


Meet the lovely goats that help to make our products!

All of our goats are ADGA registered, and part of a clean and closed.

Breeding services are available to those who can provide proof of disease free does.

Windy Haven Farm is a registered farm of the nationwide Holistic Breeder Directory. 

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