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Want to try our products? Don't know where to get started? Want to make sure that you do not have a reaction? We offer sampler kits to give you an opprotunity to try smaller amounts of our products before placing a larger order. We have nut-oil free options. If you have any allergies, please be sure to indicate this on your order form. Sampler Kits range in variety and price


Delux Sampler Kit inlcudes:

1 travel sized lotion

1- 1oz. specialty lotion of your choice (face cream, magnesium, zinc, menthol or aloe)

1- travel size deoderant 

1 travel size bar soap (or travel size body wash)

1 Lip Balm Tube




Splurge: lotion smapler tin, travel sized bar soap sample or body wash sample, lip balm or specialty item. $15.00


Basic Kits include two sample sized items. $10.00

Sampler Kits

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